Your club should plan for 50 people.

Two tables will be set up for you, one 6' food table and one 70" round table for coffee and drinks.

Please provide a tablecloth for the one 6' food table. A covering for the 70" round table will be provided by the Garden Center.

The Callanwolde staff will make the coffee and provide powdered creamer and sweetener.

Also, an ice maker is available in the Callanwolde kitchen.

Other items your club should plan to provide:

Seasonal fresh plant material/table design (optional)
Plates, napkins, utensils
Bowl and scoop for ice (if you need one)
Cold drink cups
Coffee cups
Bottled water
Half and Half (optional)

Food: Here are a few suggestions and keep in mind that you don't need to provide all of these. Please aim for a balanced assortment of sweet and savory breakfast-type refreshments.

Sweet Rolls
Coffee Cake
Banana Bread, etc.
Bagels and spread
Fruit trays/bowls, bite sized chunks (with toothpicks)

Sausage Balls
Cheese straws
Cheese and crackers
Mini Quiches and any other "nibbles"

Please don't bring too much food as all food items should fit on a 6' table. After the meeting, Callanwolde staff will be invited to share leftover food items, so please do not pack up extra food too quickly.

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